Finding talent.

A challenge for many.

I am always hearing stories from employers that they just can’t find the right people, that schools and colleges aren’t teaching the right things.  That all the talent is over in Manchester or down in London.

And I also hear stories from people who say ‘Talent? No, not me.  I am no good at anything’.  Can this be true?  Is talent a gift given to the few?  Or do we all have talents and aptitudes for something – if only we can have the chance to find them?

As I write this blog I am watching a TV series in which Michel Roux takes a bunch of young people, most with few obvious talents at the outset of the series, and he develops them into waiters, sommelliers and maitre d’s.  He provides them a chance to explore their talent and passion for all aspects of service.

And he finds plenty of both.

  • So what are the issues in finding talent in Leeds?
  • In what areas do we have more talent than we can use?
  • In which areas are we struggling to find talent?
  • Where is the best practice in ‘finding talent?
  • What can we learn from it?

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  1. Red
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 14:40:53

    One of the thoughts that has really resonated with me over the last few weeks (whilst we’ve been discussing talent) is this . . .

    In the whole process of staff selection, are our efforts all about finding the ‘right’ person for the job ? Or are they in fact about finding the least ‘wrong’ person ?

    The problem with sorting the wheat from the chaff, is that by retaining the wheat and dispose of everything else, you might just be throwing out a might oak, a sunflower, a daisy or a bluebell.

    Is it time to do things differently ?


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